A Not So Exciting Update of My Life

It has been a long time since I have posted. I had really just been adjusting to life back in the US. However it, unfortunately, did not take long. That is the weird thing about traveling; you can be gone for so long, yet once you get back, you feel like the trip was just a dream and it is crazy how fast you settle back into your old routine and old job.

Although, I have decided on a few things about the direction my life is going to take. I have officially decided to become a firefighter as a career. This job is perfect as it gives me the flexibility to still do so many summer and winter sports, gives me the chance to still travel and gives me the hands on physical aspect to a job, and gives me the money to finish my pilot certificates. I have not been this sure about anything in my life in a long time and that feels so good to say. Now, it will probably be at least a year (possibly more) until I get on with a fire department, so I have some time. That being said, I am about to embark on another trip!

I had mentioned at the end of my last post, that my next adventure was Everest Base Camp in Nepal and now it is official. I leave April 1 and return May 5. It is coming up so quickly! I am beginning the trip with 10 days in Australia seeing the family that I Au Paired for and seeing all my friends (I can’t wait). While I am there, I am running a marathon in New Castle, NSW (close to Sydney). This is part of the training for my Ironman that is coming up June 9, so even though I am going on this trip, I can’t stop training 🙁

Up until leaving on my Nepal trip, I will just be working away to try and make money for the trip. I actually will probably be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to put things in order for the trip. I feel like I have a million and one things to do to get ready and to top it off, I have been invited to tryout for Keystone ski patrol and of course tryouts are the day before I leave! AHHHH! It is exciting though ad if I get it, it will give me an awesome job until I get hired on at a fire department, which will hopefully be in the next year… fingers crossed.

On top of everything else, I now have to find a new tenant for my house and also move out. I have though a lot about this as I just am never home and barely live there as it is; I would honestly rather have the money for my trip. Luckily, my landlord was very understanding and had no problem with me terminating my lease early as long as I find a new tenant.

Well I think that is all the updates I have. I know it is not terribly exciting, but really my life has just been working and training and working and training and some more working… oh yeah and skiing when I am not working or training. But I will update when I get closer to my trip so stay posted!


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