Final Thoughts

Okay, so since I was so bad at keeping up on blog posts during my big road trip at the end, I will just skip that part and post pictures on Facebook, so go check it out ! BUT! To give a bit of an update: after Defqon in Amsterdam, I flew way north up to Cairns and hired a van. I then drove all the way down the east coast ending in South Australia and circled back to Melbourne where I dropped off the van.  After that, I flew to Tasmania and did a 5 day tour. I did too many things to name any favourites, but every place I went was an adventure. I met and traveled with the most amazing people and had probably the most amazing time of my life.

This post is just going to be some final thoughts on my whole adventure. I am now two months into being back and just thinking back on my trip is making me miss it. It was really hard going back to work so quickly after traveling for so long. From starting my trip with the flu in New Zealand to finishing in Tasmania, it was an amazing experience. With every trip there are ups and downs, but I really felt like this trip did what I wanted it to do. Unlike my European adventure, this trip was less about the party and more about getting some distance from a few things in the states. What better way to clear your head than fly all the way around the world?

I was not sure what direction this trip would take when I arrived. I do however, believe that things happen for a reason and everything has a purpose. I was not expecting to live in Sydney when I applied for the working holiday visa. In fact, I had my mind on living in Byron Bay per recommendation of some of my friends who studied abroad in Australia in uni. However, I really liked the family that wanted me to Au Pair for them and that to me was more important than location. I met my Australian best friend at the pub I worked at and truly built a life while I was there.

When I left for Australia, I had no idea what direction my life was going to take, and honestly I still don’t know. I have so many different passions in life and want to figure out what I am doing for the rest of it. The whole idea behind this trip was to give me time to think and figure it out. Instead, what it showed me was that my love for traveling will never go away and whatever direction my life takes has to have traveling in it. Now that that is established, I can figure out the rest of my life. Something big on the list is to finish my flying certifications and make a career out of that. I guess it makes sense that I love traveling and flying so much, they kind of go hand in hand.

Anyways, back to the trip. I fell in love with Australia and everyone/everything in it. I am going to miss it so much. Going from one of the most epic trips of my life to being back at home and at work has been really hard. But! It is motivation to figure out the next steps in my life.

Next adventure, Everest Base Camp!



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