Australia Round 2

Okay, I am going to make this post fairly short and sweet. The only reason that I went back to Australia was because I missed people and wanted to see them. I lived there for almost a year, I have already seen all of the sites.

That being said, it was so amazing to see all my friends and the family that I Au Paired for. The kids are just as adorable and awesome as ever and it was so good to see Lucy and Adrian (their parents) as well.

Picture to come! My WiFi is terrible and will not upload pictures 🙁

I also wouldn’t be crazy me, if I didn’t do something silly like, oh I don’t know, run a marathon the week before I flew to Nepal to hike Everest Base Camp. Yeah… I did that. Oops. I ran the New Castle marathon.

It also just so happens, that my friends who lives in New Castle were having a little party the day before the marathon. My good friend Katie is actually pregnant and they were having their gender reveal party. BTW, it is a boy!! I was so happy that I got to be there for that. Also her awesome parents let me stay with them that night as well and actually drove me at 5:30am to the race start. They are so awesome. But the marathon went well!

Picture to come! My WiFi is terrible and will not upload pictures 🙁

It was a short little trip to New Castle and then I was back in Sydney to finish out my last few days in Australia, which I spent just hanging out with the family and all my friends some more.

Picture to come! My WiFi is terrible and will not upload pictures 🙁

I know that was not super exciting, but I am saving the good posts for my Everest Base Camp trek updates, so keep reading!


The Start to a New Adventure

Well, I think it is official, I have the worst travel luck in the world. Last time going to New Zealand I was deathly ill with the flu and this time, I nearly didn’t make it at all. So, here is a play-by-play of the first 24 hours of my trip:

Thursday, April 1:

2:15pm: On my way to the airport, I get a text that says my 9:30pm flight from LAX to Auckland is canceled.

2:45pm: Get to the airport and find out my 5:15pm flight from DIA to LAX has been delayed until 6:30pm. 

4:00pm: Finally get off the phone with Air New Zealand and feel a temporary moment of relief as they told me they were able to get me the last seat on the 10:30pm flight. However, when it seems to good to be true, that means it probably is. They told me that I 100% had a seat reserved on the flight, however, they were unable to send me a boarding pass because I had already checked into the first leg of my flight. They said, that I needed to go back to the check in counter, get offloaded from the flight, call Air New Zealand back to have them finally get me confirmed on the new 10:30 flight. 

4:30pm: I get told by the ticketing agent (after waiting in line for 15 minutes) that she is unable to offload me from the flight, so she said she just unbooked me from the flight completely and told me that she would rebook me on the flight after I called Air New Zealand back. 

4:45pm: I call Air New Zealand back and they tell me that I have not been taken off the flight because my bag is already on the flight and they are unable to unbook me unless I have my bag with me. They then tell me that when I land in LAX, I have to go get my bag and go to the ticketing counter and re-check in and re-check my bag all the way through to Sydney. 

5:00pm: Finally make it back to security and realize I never got my boarding pass back and have to go all the way back to the ticketing counter. 

5:45pm: finally make it back through security and make it on my flight. 

8:00pm (LA time): Land at LAX in terminal 7 and taxi for a million hours and then have to go to bag claim. Well, as I am sure you would have never guessed, my bag does not show up. I go to the baggage assistance counter where I wait in line for 20 minutes just to find out that my bag has already been checked in with Air New Zealand and that it will be checked all the way through. 

9:00pm (LA time): I now have an hour and a half before my INTERNATIONAL flight and have to make it from Terminal 7 to the International Terminal (in case you haven’t been there, I will fill you in on a little secret… it is on the completely other side of their terminal…

At this point, it was faster to run across terminals than to take the shuttle. I make it to check in sweaty and tired. I ask the ticketing agent about my bag and she assured me it would be checked through. I also was able to relax a little bit after confirming that I was held a seat on the 10:30pm flight. 

9:45pm (LA time): I finally make it through security and to my gate right as it was boarding. 

Tuesday, April 2:

Well, I missed Tuesday April 2 from the time change.

Wednesday, April 3:

7:50am (New Zealand time): Finally land in Auckland before I realize that my next flight is at 9:00am. 

8:10am: Get off the airplane and start booking it to my next flight just to find out, I have to go through security yet again. 

8:25am (New Zealand time); Make it to my gate right as they were boarding. 

This whole travel day has been one of the biggest shit shows, however, the good news is I did make it! I know this was not the most exciting post I have ever made, but it is comical (well now it is because I made it). 

It is over now though and onto adventures!