Defqon 1

So, I am a bit behind on my posts (what’s new?), but before I do one big post on the epic Australia trip, I will catch you up. The last post I did, I was on the plane heading to Amsterdam for Defqon 1. It really seems like ages ago, but really it was only about a month ago.

Since my friend couldn’t go and sold me his ticket, it meant I was going with some of his best mates, some of which I knew from high school and others I was meeting for the first time. This is always a bit risky since we don’t know if we all will get along, but now I can say, it was probably one of the most epic weekends of my life. All of us got along so well, and we ended up meeting some other people from California and made our own little Defqon tribe.

Going to Defqon had been on my bucket list forever and I never knew if I would get a chance to go. These amazing people just made my weekend one I will remember for the rest of my life.

Defqon closing ceremony!

The festival came and went, but there was still more exploring of Amsterdam to do! We only had a few days, and honestly were too tired to do do too much, but we were able to walk around the beautiful city and just take it in.

I had been to Amsterdam once before about 4 years ago, and I had forgotton how wonderful the city is. I had said, it almost doesn’t feel real; it feels like you are in this fake world because of the crazy architecture of all the buildings.

Unfortunately, I did misread my return flight to Sydney dates and missed my flight back to Australia. It was a very expensive and costly mistake and I honestly wasn’t even sure I was going to get to do the Australia trip, but I managed to make it work and I am so glad I did!

I will keep this post short since I am about to do a ridiculously long one from my Australia trip here in a few days.